Land Development

In 2012, Rosal Westview, LLC (“Rosal”), an affiliate of Landmark Companies, purchased the Westview Country Club in North Miami. Rosal obtained approvals for an ambitious redevelopment plan for the 180 acre property, fronting both sides of the Gratigny Parkway. Approvals for a distribution center and retail uses were received in 2016.

In 2017, Rosal sold approximately 80 acres of land to a national industrial park developer. They have recently completed an 800,000 square foot distribution facility. In addition, an affiliate of Rosal Westview, LLC is currently developing a shopping center on the remaining 11 acre property on the southern side of the Gratigny Parkway.

Rosal decided to change the development strategy on the remaining 90+/- acres on the northern side of the Gratigny Parkway to residential. The land use change was approved in early 2019 for the development. The site plan has been submitted for approximately 750 units. This land is currently under contract with a national home builder, with a closing anticipated in 2020.

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